As with all feed storage systems, it is very important to have an appropriate base. The base for a bag feed storage system should be well drained with a smooth surface. Suggested base materials can include:

1. Sand

2. Cement

3. 4-5" of Ag Lime

Cut the Ag-Bag[R] bag open in a "U" shape as shown in the photo. Moving the loader to one end of the plastic, drive the loader tires onto the plastic using it as a base. With the loader bucket, loosen the silage starting at the top of the bag. As it loosens and falls on the plastic, use the loader bucket to scoop it from the plastic.

Keep the loader bucket as close to the ground as you can while not disturbing the plastic on the ground. The plastic will work to keep the silage from spilling. As you continue to remove the feed from the bag, shake the remaining feed to the center of the plastic.

Experienced loader operators have no blowing plastic and have no feed-out loss. Operators can easily be trained in the proper feed-out techniques recommended by Ag-Bag[R] International, Ltd.