Alfalfa hay prices in the U.S. bumped slightly upward last month, according to USDA’s Agricultural Prices report, issued March 28.

At $191/ton, the average alfalfa hay price in March was $3 higher than it was the month before, but $28 lower than the March 2013 price.

Drought-plagued Western states saw the sharpest increases in price last month. Compared to February prices, March levels were up in Nevada by $16/ton, to $229/ton; in Oregon by $15/ton, to $225; in Arizona by $10/ton, to $215/ton; and in California by $5/ton, to $230/ton.

The average U.S. all-hay price increased by $5/ton to $173/ton in March over February prices, but was down from $195/ton in March of last year.

The March corn price, at $4.54/bu, was up 19 cents per bushel from last month’s total, but $2.59/bu below that recorded for March 2013. The soybean price, at $13.60/bu, increased 40 cents per bushel from February’s price, but was $1/bu below the March 2013 price.