An estimated 23.2 million acres are expected to be re-enrolled into Conservation Reserve Program contracts out of 27.8 million acres eligible for retirement between 2007 and 2010, according to U.S. Ag Secretary Mike Johanns. An estimated 4.6 million acres in CRP contracts will exit CRP over the next four years; approximately 1.4 million of those acres are located in major corn-producing states.

"The percentage of landowners choosing to remain in CRP is consistent with what we have seen in the past, despite speculation that re-enrollment would drop significantly due to high corn prices," says Johanns. "We are closely monitoring interest in CRP re-enrollment, planting projections and demand for commodities to determine the most appropriate future actions in administering the Conservation Reserve Program.”

The 4.6 million-acre estimate includes all general sign-up expiring contracts not extended or re-enrolled under last year's offer. It does not include acres under expiring continuous sign-up contracts, which will be eligible to be re-enrolled during the final contract year.