U.S. hay growers interested in the Australian haystack covers called Hay Caps can now order them from ITW Plastic Packaging, Denver, CO. They will be introduced during World Ag Expo, Feb. 14-16, Tulare, CA.

The company has formed an agreement with Hay Cap Pty Ltd to market the durable plastic caps in the U.S., says Vincent Raucoules, ITW industry manager.

The protective covering is less expensive than top-tarp or full-tarp options, bale wrappers and sheds, he says. “The other thing that is really attractive to a lot of people is the safety aspect of the Hay Cap. You install the cap when the bale is on the ground. You don’t have to climb on the stack of bales to apply it.”

Each cap, securely held by wire cables and hay anchors, takes little more than 30 seconds to attach, Raucoules adds. “The Hay Cap is a new product here in the U.S., but it’s not a new product in Australia. We have over 600 farmers in Australia using it.”

At this point, interested growers can order the product by calling 303-316-6800. For more information, visit www.haycap.us.