Rock Bucket

The Silver Bullet Series Rock Bucket, from MDS Manufacturing, Parkston, SD, saves time and effort by effectively handling various materials. It features solid steel tines and a “rock well” that helps contain collected rocks while gathering additional rocks.

An optional grapple fork assists in holding a high volume of silage, chopped hay, manure, etc. The standard unit has four tines, but additional tines are available.
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John Deere's 730 and 735 center-pivot mower-conditioners have 9'9" and 11'6" cutting widths, respectively. Long, adjustable float springs ensure constant pressure on the ground, even at higher cutting speeds. The wheels are positioned close to the cutterbar, so the machines are responsive in all field conditions.

They feature a low-profile, diagonal-cut modular cutterbar made of nodular iron for increased strength and easy serviceability. The 730 has six cutting disks; the 735 has seven.
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Alfalfa Varieties

Syngenta Seeds is introducing four NK brand alfalfa varieties for the 2004 planting season.

EverGreen 2 features potato leafhopper resistance, strong disease resistance and persistence. It's best-suited to three-cut management systems. Spredor 4, a creeping-root variety suited to long-term hay production, also persists well under grazing. It's ideal for one- or two-cut management.

Expedition, a multifoliate variety with fast recovery, is adapted for the High Plains. Another multifoliate offering, Boulder, was developed for the West. It's high-yielding and has outstanding resistance to all six major alfalfa diseases plus resistance to stem nematodes.
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TMR Mixer

Roto-Mix, Dodge City, KS, has a new line of Hay-Pro mixers. The aggressive, fast-processing mixers handle rations with high percentages of hay and other forages. They come in truck or trailer models in 533, 653 and 1,023 cu. ft. sizes.
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Silage Bagger

The self-propelled ID 912 silage bagger, from Versa Corp., Astoria, OR, has a longer and wider reservoir table, enabling trucks to unload faster. The larger table has an industrial-grade chain-and-slat conveyer system.

The bagger also features 10-hole budd truck tires and wheels, an air-bag front axle and an interchangeable tunnel system.
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