Twin Rake

Vermeer's R2300 TwinRake increases raking efficiency and capacity, and produces custom-formed box-style windrows. Its raking widths are hydraulically adjusted — 18' to 23' — from the tractor. Windrow widths are also hydraulically adjustable, from 3' to 6'.

The rake has a rugged 4 × 6" steel mainframe, adjustable hitch, round cross-section toolbars, floating front reel spindles, heavy-duty, tubular formed-steel baskets, and a swivel-mount jack stand.

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Rotary Rake

Kuhn Farm Machinery, Vernon, NY, offers the GA 15021 Gyrorake, the company's largest-capacity rotary rake. Its working width, hydraulically adjustable from the tractor cab, ranges from 30'10" to 48'3". Swath width can be set from 5' to 8'2".

The rake has a hydraulic rotor drive, controlled by a self-contained hydraulic drive mounted on the pivoting headstock. The four rotors have 3-D suspension so they can pivot in all directions, and they rest on four-wheel undercarriages that closely follow ground contours.

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Disc Mowers

Krone, Memphis, TN, has four new three-point disc mowers. The EC 280, 320, 360 and 400 models have cutting widths from 8'8" to 13' and feature the company's EasyCut cutterbar. The cutterbar's weight is evenly distributed, providing even surface pressure on the entire working width. That means reduced wear and downtime, and lower fuel consumption.

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Self-Leveling Kit

Westendorf Manufacturing, Onawa, IA, is offering the Level-Matic kit for its TA-26 and TA-26 Plus loaders. The kit's sleek, low-profile design allows the operator to maintain great visibility and get all the benefits of a mechanical self-leveling loader.

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Windrow Merger

The SuperMerger from Phiber Manufacturing, Crystal City, Manitoba, inverts individual windrows or merges up to 90' into one windrow. It handles windrows cut with 9' to 30' windrowers.

Designed for versatility, it has adjustable drapers and pickups so nearly any windrow configuration can be achieved for either dry hay baling or merging for chopping. With the touch of a button, it narrows to 12' wide for road travel.

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Artco Chemical, Albany, NY, offers two buffered propionic acid hay preservatives. HaySaver and HarvestSaver are 68% buffered propionic acid. HaySaver also has citric, acetic and other organic acids for a total of 81% active ingredients.

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