Forage Boxes

New 20' models have been added to Badger's line of forage boxes. The bigger size is available in all configurations, including front unload, rear unload, combination front-rear unload and receiver boxes.

All the company's boxes have feathering clutches, variable-speed transmissions, grouped operator controls and swing-open access panels. The pto has an easy-hookup design.

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Round Balers

The Hesston 730 and 740 round balers are designed to produce high-density round bales at an economical cost. Both feature the company's open-throat, vertical bale chamber design, which ensures quick, sure bale starts and excellent capacity without the need for a special floor roller.

The 730 requires a tractor of only 30 pto horsepower to make bales weighing up to 500 lbs. The 740 gets by with only 45 hp to produce bales weighing up to 1,000 lbs.

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Three new disc mower-conditioners from Case IH have slip and over-running clutches to protect the pto drives. The discs operate at 3,000 rpm for consistent cutting, and conditioner roll separation is automatic for worry-free operation when slugs are encountered.

The DCX101 has a 10'4" cutting width and eight discs, the DCX 131 has a 13' cutting width and 10 discs, and the 12-disc DCX 161 cuts 15'7"-wide swaths.

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Pasture Herbicide

BASF's Plateau herbicide was recently registered for use on pasture and rangeland.

“Plateau is the only product that offers long-term, sustainable control of leafy spurge, cheatgrass and a number of other noxious and invasive weeds,” says Mike Tweedy, BASF marketing manager.

Research has shown that, when fall-applied, the new product controls up to 96% of leafy spurge and dalmation toadflax, and nearly 100% of cheatgrass and medusahead rye.

In the South, it can be used for selective broadleaf weed and grass control in bermudagrass pastures and hay fields. Its control spectrum includes large crabgrass, rhizome and seedling johnsongrass, sandbur, yellow and purple nutsedge and broadleaf signalgrass.

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Forage Blowers

High velocity and volume are trademarks of a new series of forage blowers from Miller Pro, St. Nazianz, WI. A unique power paddle design with a 35° paddle angle generates a greater air stream, moving more material with less power. Other features include a large hopper intake area, an auger trough distributor, large transition opening and heavy eight-paddle fan.

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Alfalfa Varieties

Producer's Choice, Inc., Sanger, CA, has introduced its first alfalfa varieties.

CW 704 is a high-yielding, fall dormant (7.0 rating) variety for California growers. It displays 79% multifoliate expression and is resistant to anthracnose, fusarium wilt and phytophthora. It's also resistant to blue alfalfa aphids, pea aphids, spotted alfalfa aphids, southern and northern root-knot nematodes and stem nematodes.

CW 907 is a non-dormant variety adapted to California and the Southwest. It has a tall, upright growth habit and medium green, leafy foliage. It's resistant to the same pests as CW 704, plus bacterial and verticillium wilts.

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Rotary Rake

Claas of America's Liner 880L twin rotary rake clears a 24-27' swath. It features dual rotors with 13 tine arms and four double tines for thorough cleaning. Equipped with tandem-axle undercarriage, it smoothly follows the field's contour. It has steerable axles, allowing tight turns, and folds hydraulically for transport.

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Vertical Mixers

Knight Manufacturing Corp., Brodhead, WI, has added three bigger models to its Verti-Maxx Mixer line. The new models have 738-, 858- and 1,009-cu. ft. capacities.

The line features a patent-pending bull-gear drive that's simple and dependable. The mixers' twin-auger design provides superior mix quality, faster big-bale processing and lower loading heights than other vertical mixers.

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