Forage Inoculants

▪ Biotal Buchneri 500 and Biotal Plus II forage inoculants from Lallemand Animal Nutrition, Milwaukee, WI, have been approved for organic production. Both combine proprietary strains of lactic acid bacteria with enzymes for fast ensiling and aerobic stability.
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Data Software

▪ AgriDNA software allows growers, dealers and consultants to download compatible standardized chemical, seed, fertilizer, equipment and general production practice information to GPS/GIS software.

The Consulting Co., DeWitt, IA, developed the software with Farm Works, Ag Leader Technology, Case IH, New Holland, Ag Renaissance and Map Shots.
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Baler Twine

▪ Each ball of 8500/245 polypropylene baler twine from PolyExcel, LLC, Clearfield, UT, has 8,500'. The greater length results in less down time, saving time and money. Its knot strength is 245 lbs.

The twine is designed to work well in any properly adjusted round or square baler.
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Disc Mowers

▪ Kuhn Farm Machinery, Vernon, NY, offers its Lift Control series of disc mowers. The GMD 802 and GMD 902, designed for fast cutting, are equipped with eight or nine discs with working widths of 10'2" and 11'7", respectively.

They also feature integrated hydraulic lift linkage that enables the cutterbar to be lifted on headlands without raising the three-point lift linkage.
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Pasture Herbicide

▪ Dow AgroSciences' Milestone herbicide for rangeland and pasture contains aminopyralid, a new molecule that provides outstanding control of tough weeds, such as thistles, knapweeds, yellow starthistle, kudzu, tropical soda apple and more.

The herbicide translocates quickly throughout the plant and its root system. It provides excellent post-emergence control and season-long residual activity at the low labeled-use rate of 4-7 oz/acre.
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Data Logger

▪ The Hobo Pendant Event Logger from Onset Computer Corp., Bourne, MA, is a miniature, low-cost data logger that measures and records rainfall and air temperature. It connects to most standard tipping-bucket rain gauges to record rainfall rates and duration with each tip of the rain gauge bucket, rather than at fixed intervals.

The logger offloads data to a PC and provides high-speed, reliable data offload in wet environments.
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