Hybrid Alfalfa Adjusts To Moisture Stresses

Dairyland Seed's newest hybrid alfalfa was designed for use in poorly drained soils or fields subject to heaving.

HybriForce-420/Wet has the branched-root trait of the company's Magnum V-Wet — plus the hybrid benefits of increased vigor and more resilient plants. It adjusts to moisture stresses; roots branch out and stay above water level, says Tom Strachota, Dairyland's CEO.

Strengths include high forage yield and quality, fast regrowth after harvest, solid persistence and excellent winter survival, Strachota adds.

It's highly resistant to phytophthora root rot, bacterial and fusarium wilts, and stem and northern root knot nematodes. It's resistant to anthracnose (race 1), verticillium wilt and aphanomyces root rot (race 1).

“HybriForce-420/Wet will perform equally as well as our first hybrid (HybriForce-400),” says Paul Sun, Dairyland vice president of research.

The new hybrid will be marketed this year in limited quantities.
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Big Square Bale Feeder

Triple C, Inc., Sabetha, KS, designed the Hydra FLKR to safely and efficiently feed big square bales. It separates individual flakes from each bale, then drops them onto the ground or feed apron, or into a bunk, hay ring or tire feeder. The operator has full control of the rate at which each bale is processed.

The unit is powered by the company's Hydra Bed system hydraulics and is fully controlled from the driver's seat.
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Wheel Rakes

The 600 and 700 Series wheel rakes from Gehl include 10 models available with 10-20 raking wheels. All offer high clearance, raking widths up to 38' and a rigid rear-wheel frame for extra stability. Windrow width can easily be adjusted to fit grower needs.
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28' Twin Rake

The newest twin rake from Vermeer provides hydraulically adjustable raking widths from 20' to 28'. Hydraulic control adjusts windrow widths from 3' to 6', producing clean, custom-sized windrows that match baler pickup for faster, easier baling.
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