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The new Dominator® 4860 meets the product requests voiced by customers searching for optimal tilled width productivity. Increased productivity was achieved by designing a 24” shank spacing and incorporating additional “up-time” features, like no daily grease maintenance, extended life subsoil points, a non-speed sensitive rear disc conditioner and a new hydraulic reel option. The new 4860 is available in 14’, 18’, 22’ and 26’ (RTK) cut widths.

The Dominator® 4860 redefines soil and residue movement through the use of an offset coulter design, in relation to the deep tillage shanks, and an innovative reverse-tandem disc conditioner with individually mounted, 24” wavy disc blades with reverse mounted Rock-Flex C-arms on 12” spacing to continuously level the soil profile and incorporate residue, even in adverse conditions.

The constant pressure, hydraulic coulter system consistently slices tough residue with large 25” coulters as it automatically adapts to changing field contours and various soil conditions without operator guidance. The coulters are offset indexed to the path of the shanks, forcing soil to be moved up the face of the 3,000 pound deep tillage shanks to incorporate more residue, while producing maximum soil fracture on 24” spacing.

New exclusive chromium carbide deep tillage points provide extended wear life vs. competitive points with field tests proving up to two times the life of current points in normal and rocky soil conditions. Both 7” winged and 2.5” straight points are available.

An industry first for a primary tillage machine, the reverse-tandem disc conditioner first moves soil inward, then moves soil outward in order to thoroughly mix soil and residue – opposite of tandem disc designs on all other combination primary tillage machines. Additional clod sizing and soil firming is accomplished by proven 24/7® HD conditioning reels with optional hydraulic lift.

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