Feb. 21, 2018 08:31 AM

The Full Throttle Outlaw Withholds the Heavy-Duty, Efficient Structure of the Original and then some.

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Bazooka Farmstar announced the extension of their Full Throttle Series trailer line at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY earlier today. The Full Throttle Outlaw is a triple section force feeding boom with optional agitation features that allows for a quick, convenient set-up and easy travel to and from sites.

The Outlaw has retained key features of the Full Throttle booster trailer with a 500-gallon capacity fuel tank for longer runtime, as well as a reinforced front deck with integrated tie-down locations for ATV or parts storage. In addition, a 35’, triple section force feeding boom has been mounted to the rear of the trailer and reaches a maximum depth of 19’. Its heavy-duty slew ring allows 270 degrees of boom rotation for simple maneuverability and the flexibility to pump out of those “hard to reach” places.

This trailer is available in gooseneck or bumper style hitches and can accommodate 13.5 L (500 HP – 600 HP) engines with a clutch and drive train. The Outlaw’s engine/main and knife gate hydraulic functions are regulated via Bazooka Farmstar’s Electronic Control System (ECS).

About Bazooka Farmstar

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