In the first week of trading on large offerings of new crop alfalfa hay last week in Washington, export buyers were the main force in the market. Of the 44,406 tons of all hay confirmed by The Hoyt Report, 11 percent or 4,865 tons was alfalfa hay that went to dairy buyers and the balance sold to export buyers in the state. A total of 37,896 tons of alfalfa sold for export and buyers were particularly aggressive on Premium quality big bales that traded from $190 to $200 FOB stack with a full wrapped tarp.

While the quality tests have been disappointing on first cutting alfalfa hay in the Columbia Basin of Washington, the appearance of the hay has been excellent, which has pushed otherwise Good quality hay into the Premium export category. A total of 23,500 tons of Premium export alfalfa hay was confirmed, or 62 percent of the total alfalfa hay that sold for export.

Seth Hoyt

Author of The Hoyt Report, providing hay market analysis and insight.