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Free grazing software, being launched at this week’s Grassfed Exchange Conference in Rapid City, is set to revolutionize access to grazing technology in the United States.

Maia Technology, an Australian company leading the world in planned grazing technology, is launching MaiaGrazingLITE - a free product that heralds a revolution in precision ag for livestock, helping to raise the bar for the whole grazing industry.

“There is a huge pent-up demand among the global grazing community for affordable, easy to use and reliable graze planning and livestock management applications,” says Col Feilen of Maia Technology, who will launch the free offering in Rapid City. “Over a number of years now, we’ve been lucky enough to work with many planned grazing innovators around the world who use MaiaGrazingPRO. We’ve listened to these key stakeholders, including those in the USA, about what’s important to them and built on their collective wisdom and experience to create MaiaGrazingLITE.”

Managing a ranching enterprise, or any livestock business based on a resource as varied as rangelands or high rainfall zones, poses unique challenges. As many in the industry know, being able to monitor grass inventories and plan ahead is essential to success.

The majority or ranchers and livestock producers have their hands full just getting control of their records, let alone ensuring they can take the next step towards taking a planned grazing approach. But MaiaGrazingLITE offers the perfect way to do both; start with easy record keeping and move on to planned grazing and analysis as needed.

“Our customers both here in the US and around the world, consistently tell us that this technology helps them to bring the various strands of their operation together giving them oversight of the land, pasture, rainfall, livestock and farm operations in one place,” said Mr Feilen.

Kate Meiklejohn, Ranch Advisory Services, Montana said, “While we have explored many mobile apps and software programs in recent years, few match MaiaGrazingLITE and MaiaGrazingPRO in terms of their ability to address the full suite of our needs and those of our clients - from herd and feed inventory and tracking, to grazing planning, to forecasting and basic financial analysis.”

It’s hard to make good decisions without good data and regardless of the grazing methods adopted on farm - or the species of livestock whether it be cattle, bison, goats or sheep - MaiaGrazingLITE is an objective way to build a wealth of information about your farm or ranching operation over time. Importantly, subscribers can use MaiaGrazingLITE, scaled to the size of their enterprise, without incurring a cost – and then seamlessly move to MaiaGrazingPRO later if required.

“We chose MaiaGrazing to help streamline the grazing planning process and to have a platform that everyone could look at wherever they were. It’s one of the best investments we have made - I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get serious about their grazing planning, record keeping and getting good usable information to improve on your operations and in the end, your bottom line.”

- Pat Thompson, Grazing & Herd Manager at Durham Bison Ranch in Wyoming