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Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN), a leading global manufacturer and distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, announces the launch of new agricultural irrigation products designed to improve operational efficiency and boost yields.

Developed specifically for production agricultural use, the new Zimmatic® Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) has new software, a new controller and a larger 5.7” color touchscreen that allows for quick set-up and easy-to-understand monitoring. The new VFD is fully integrated into the FieldNET® remote telemetry platform, giving growers the ability to monitor and control it from virtually anywhere.

“The new Zimmatic VFD delivers the easiest to use, most intuitive user experience in the industry,” said Wade Sikkink, director of global product management at Lindsay Corporation. “Designed with pivot irrigation in mind, the new software and touchscreen give growers unprecedented control and programmability.”

The NFTrax® 2.0 is an updated airless wheel assembly that will never go flat and keeps wheel ruts to a minimum. Built with maximum flexibility, it has a heavy-duty vulcanized rubber belt with a steel cable core that is tensioned over 10 newly designed, winged drive points that apply even pressure across the entire belt surface. This forms a larger surface area to evenly distribute the machine’s weight, resulting in improved performance over varying terrain and field features.

“The NFTrax 2.0 delivers unmatched tracking performance,” said Christopher Higgins, Zimmatic global product manager at Lindsay Corporation. “Unlike pneumatic tires, the NFTrax 2.0 will never go flat, so growers can focus more on growing and less on equipment repair.”

Higgins added that an optional new tread pattern also soon will be available for NFTrax 2.0. With an aggressive, alternating tread, the Z-Tread is designed for areas where more traction is required – slopes, low spots, areas with slick, clay-based soil, etc.

“From advanced remote telemetry to innovative tracking solutions, we offer customized solutions to meet every grower’s needs,” Sikkink said. “The new products we’ve launched further our commitment to provide growers with the tools they need to make the most of every acre of land they farm and every drop of water they use.”

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