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Little progress has been made in load bar technology over the past 20 years… until now. World- renowned for its industry-leading electronics, Tru-Test is making waves with its new load bar advancement—introducing the HD5T.

With an astounding 11,000 lbs capacity, the HD5T load bars were designed to be as tough as the environment they’re used in. These bars can be used under manual or hydraulic chutes and feature completely sealed load cells, making them 100% water and dust proof. The galvanized steel construction also provides corrosion resistance.

The best part about the HD5T bars? Their ease. A big obstacle in load bar technology has been installation, but the HD5Ts are the easiest to install yet. Simply bolt the bars to the chute, then bolt to a level concrete surface—no additional assistance needed!

Tru-Test has been a leader in the electronic scales business for over 30 years, and it’s easy to see why. Tru-Test prides itself on quality products and exceptional service. For more information on the HD5T bars or any other Tru-Test products, please visit or call 800-874- 8494.