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Planting season holds many variables for farmers. From breakdowns, rain, needed tools, and moving machinery; farmers need to be ready for anything. To help farmers get around during the fast-paced planting season, Can-Am has highlighted some accessories to make 2019 planting season a successful one.

Outlander XT 570

Outlander XT 570:The 48 hp 570 Rotax engine has plenty of power to get around the farm. The XT Package boasts several accessory additions including a 3,000 lbs Warn winch, heavy-duty front-and- rear bumper, and handlebar wind deflectors. The Outlander XT 570 has steel racks on the front and back of the machine that can hold 120 lbs on the front rack and 240 lbs on the back. The 4-wheel drive capability and Dynamic Power Steering help easily maneuver this machine around any terrain and obstacles.

NEW Extra High Windshield: The new Extra High Windshield accessory keeps the cool morning air and elements off the rider. The windshield can be removed without tools once the brackets are installed on the handlebars. To help reduce vibration at higher speeds, the windshield has integrated vents.

Heavy-Duty Basket: This heavy-duty accessory to store and organize gear is made from high-strength low-alloy steel. The Heavy-Duty Basket can be taken on and off easily thanks to Can-Am’s Linq systems. The basket can be mounted on the front or back rack of the Outlander.

Rack Extension: Add more storage to the front or back rack of the Outlander with the 5” rack extension. Made from carbon steel the extension rack has several tie down points so gear can be secured while driving.

RAM LED Spotlight: The directional double ball mount design of the RAM LED Spotlight puts more light right where you need it. Perfect for late night machinery fixes or checking on livestock early in the morning.

NEW Emergency Kit: Break downs and flat tires are just a part of farm work. The new Emergency Kit has several items to get farmers back to work. Included in the kit: Jumper Cables, Air Compressor, Tire Repair Kit, Ratchet Tie-Down, Duct Tape, Tow Strap 3,300 lb (1,500 kg), Zip-Ties, Cloth Rags.