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At the World Ag Expo, VERSA USA will introduce its all new largest of the Mobile King line of silage bagging machines. Featuring even higher capacity designed for two large forage harvesters, new easily adjustable packing density system puts more in the bag and major fuel efficiency gains equals less cost per ton stored.

The MHD1214 is the first to offer an automatic adjustable Packing Tunnel for filling multiple size bags in one machine, 12 or 14 foot bags by any length.

The Packing Tunnel collapses for easy bag installation and narrow transport. Also machine is designed for traveling without the need for a trailer, travels at typical roads speeds.

The Versa MHD1214 sets the bar for dependability and longevity. A specifically redesign packing Rotor insuring fast through put, even feed flow and smoother engine running conditions resulting in much better fuel costs per ton. The Feed conveyor capacity now holding 40 cubic yards about 15 tons plus resulting in faster unloading truck turnaround times. The air conditioned operation Cab is now a simple step in/out from ground design, many comforts and has a straight bag alignment system. The four camera monitor makes it easy to control and view feed flow from the Cab. Patents awarded and applied for, highest capacity bagger on the market today, most technology in a machine that is simple enough that it requires almost no special parts and can be serviced by any mechanic.

In a nut shell the MHD1214 has superior ultimate working features putting it in a class with unique, proprietary systems by its self.