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New line of articulated 4WD tractors

Case IH introduces the new AFS Connect™ Steiger® series tractor — available in Quadtrac®, Rowtrac™ and wheeled configurations from 370 to 620 horsepower. The redesigned cab features an all-new armrest with ergonomic controls, automotive-grade design elements and a 12-inch display that is configurable to fit each operator’s needs. Plus, a new operating system and receiver, coupled with a 5-year subscription to the AFS Connect farm management portal, delivers ultimate connectivity. The high-tech, high-powered tractor package provides producers with freedom to adjust, manage, monitor and transfer data the way they want.

“This tractor sets a new standard for what connectivity and productivity can mean to a farming operation without sacrificing the power, durability and efficiency that Steiger tractors are known for,” said Mitch Kaiser, Case IH Steiger Tractor Marketing Manager. “From the machine enhancements to new technology, AFS Connect Steiger tractors now deliver the connectivity for producers to configure, connect and manage the tractor from the cab, the office or wherever life takes them.”

Ultimate connectivity

Connectivity starts with technology that is simple and easy to use. AFS Connect technology embedded into the cab of the tractor is the key to unlocking connectivity and bringing new levels of productivity. Inside the tractor cab, it is powered by three system components:

  • AFS Pro 1200 display provides great visibility day or night and features four exterior camera feeds, easy Bluetooth® pairing to link a mobile device, and remote display viewing to connect operators with farm managers seamlessly.
  • AFS Vision Pro operating system is familiar and easy to use — just like a smartphone or tablet. This advanced control system allows producers to configure the tractor with either a rotary dial or touch screen.
  • AFS Vector Pro receiver streamlines guidance correction options, ranging from base (WAAS and AFS 1) to medium (AFS 2) to high (RTK and AFS RTK+) accuracy levels and has improved guidance.

“The AFS Pro 1200 display is a game changer in the cab. You can push, swipe and scale just about everything you see on the display,” Kaiser said.

Comfort and productivity for long days

The AFS Connect Steiger tractor features a completely redesigned cab, blending simplicity, control and luxury, no matter the crop or field condition producers are working in. Cab features include:

  • Ergonomic MultiControl Armrest with eight control buttons, a MultiFunction Handle with four programmable hot keys and an encoder knob for total control at the operator’s fingertips
  • Completely new heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • 29 power connectors and diagnostic ports to connect all the devices required to monitor and control the operation
  • Standard leather luxury seat with ventilation
  • Advanced steering system with adjustable steering rates to increase performance and maneuverability on every turn of the steering wheel
  • 360-degree performance lighting that can be grouped to turn on and off as the operator sees fit
  • Telescoping mirrors that are adjustable from the cab

“The cab prioritizes comfort for productivity, featuring modern styling and new features for enhanced customization and ease of use,” Kaiser said. “We took into account years of feedback from producers to design a tractor cab environment around the needs of their challenging workdays.”

Along with new features, industry-leading cab suspension, unmatched visibility and a 40-degree swivel seat come standard.

Remote support

The AFS Connect portal is a gateway to the new tractor series. It allows farm managers to precisely manage their farm, fleet and data from a desktop or mobile device anywhere, while feeling assured their data is securely transferring to and from the cloud. Users can log in to AFS Connect to view current field operations, fleet information, agronomic data and more, remotely keeping an eye on their operation as if they are in the cab. Farm owners and managers then have the freedom to share selected agronomic data — down to the field level — with third-party partners of their choosing.

Added connectivity provides more support features, reducing downtime and keeping operators in the field. Remote display viewing allows a manager or dealer to view exactly what an operator is seeing on the new AFS Pro 1200 display in the cab to help identify problems and gain deeper insight. Dealers also can use remote service support to remotely identify maintenance and service needs to proactively determine what parts are needed, without ever needing to visit the operation. Remote software updates allow dealers to wirelessly push firmware updates direct to the tractor.

“Being connected saves you downtime in the field. Whether you are in the tractor or 300 miles away, you’ll have the same ability to manage your fleet and your operation. You can easily share and transfer data — from guidance lines to season-long agronomic and application information,” Kaiser said.

Workhorse power and performance

The new lineup of AFS Connect Steiger tractors can be configured to fit any operation and is built for a range of applications. The robust chassis and massive axles can carry up to 66,000 pounds for even the most demanding tasks.

With two industry-leading transmissions to choose from, Case IH can deliver the optimal choice to meet an operation’s requirements. The fuel-efficient PowerDrive powershift transmission delivers 20% faster shifting and a record-setting 682 peak-horsepower on the Steiger 620 model. The CVXDrive™ — the first continuously variable transmission for an articulated 4WD tractor — automatically balances power and efficiency while delivering an impressive 605 peak-horsepower on the Steiger 540 model to effectively tackle any conditions. The AFS Connect Steiger series tractors also feature larger fuel tanks to cover more acres before needing to refuel. Producers can keep working long days with no engine regeneration, 600-hour oil change intervals and ground-level maintenance to lower operation cost and keep your equipment in the field.

Nebraska Tractor Tests confirmed that Case IH Steiger 620 — wheeled or Quadtrac — is the industry’s most powerful and fuel-efficient tractor available.1 When traction and agronomic advantage are essential, the AFS Connect Steiger Rowtrac tractors provide fixed-frame configuration, turn like a traditional tractor, and feature the same traction and flotation as all Case IH track systems.

With the AFS Connect Steiger and AFS Connect Magnum™, Case IH is delivering on a new era of connected fleets. See what customers are saying about how it will benefit their operation.

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1Steiger 620 Tier 4B (Nebraska Test 2164, September/October 2016): maximum drawbar fuel efficiency at 17.63 hp-hr./gal. and 75% of pull maximum power at 16.61 hp-hr./gal.; compared with John Deere 9620R Tier 4B (Nebraska Test 2135, November 2015): maximum drawbar fuel efficiency at 16.07 hp-hr./gal. and 75% of pull maximum power at 15.86 hp-hr./gal. Steiger 620 Tier 4B (Nebraska Test 2164, September/October 2016): drawbar horsepower at 594.08 hp; compared with John Deere 9620R Tier 4B (Nebraska Test 2135, November 2015): drawbar horsepower at 556.83 hp. Steiger 620 Tier 4B (Nebraska Test 2164, September/October 2016): maximum pull at 65,077 lb.; compared with John Deere 9620R Tier 4B (Nebraska Test 2135, November 2015): maximum pull at 60,455 lb.