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Kuhn North America, Inc., is pleased to introduce two new trailed single-rotor rotary rakes, GA 4230 T and 4231 T. These two rakes build on the popularity of the previous generation of KUHN’s single-rotor rakes, but now incorporate KUHN’s exclusive Masterdrive® GIII double-reduction gearbox technology.

Both rakes offer proven reliability with the Masterdrive GIII double-reduction gearbox allowing it to easily power through heavy crops, tough field conditions and intensive use. Key components have been improved including the aluminum alloy housings, optimized cam tracks, larger follower bearings, tine arms with large-dimension bearings, sturdier pivoting tine support shaft, a reinforced main shaft, and reinforced mounting of tine arms for the tine holders. The Masterdrive GIII’s ability to move heavy wet crop, handle dry hay gently and neatly windrow corn stalks is unrivaled in the industry.

Other impressive features on these new rakes include double-curved tine arms, hydraulic headland lift, and tandem axles. These rakes have been built to handle difficult, hilly terrain and these features reflect just that. Double-curved tine arms form fluffy and consistent windrows for superior raking quality at high speeds. High, hydraulic headland lift allows for smooth and easy turning, clearing previously made windrows. The tandem axles smoothly navigate bumps and holes in the field while keeping a constant distance between the ground and the tines constant.

For maximum operator efficiency, KUHN Masterdrive gearbox equipped rakes have right-hand delivery for operator comfort and ease of use. This allows operators to easily monitor raking quality and make adjustments as needed.

Operators can have complete peace of mind when transporting these rakes. The GA 4231 T incorporates simple storage for the tine arms in the convenient rack at the front of the machine and the guards fold vertically, while the arms are fixed on the GA 4230 T.

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