Jan. 25, 2016 03:13 PM

The FamilyFarms Charities Scholarship supports academics and agriculture for the next generation.

FamilyFarms Charities, the philanthropic arm of FamilyFarms Group, is offering two $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors planning to pursue college training in fields related to agriculture. Each recipient is then eligible for a $500 follow-up scholarship for the next three years of their undergraduate program provided they remain on a career path in agriculture and maintain good grades. All applications for the scholarships must be submitted by March 15, 2016.

The FamilyFarms Charities Scholarship was created to support tomorrow’s farmers as they continue their education and training in preparation for their role in agriculture. The scholarship is awarded to individuals who possess the characteristics necessary to positively impact our world through agriculture.

“FamilyFarms Charities is proud of our scholarship program that offers high school seniors and college students financial help to further their education in agriculture. Preparing today’s youth to continue their family’s farming legacy is foundational to accomplishing the singular purpose of our parent organization, FamilyFarms Group: ‘Keeping Families on the Farm,’” said Karmen Mehmen, FamilyFarms Charities Chairperson. “We believe that as farmers we can help individuals, families and communities in North America and overseas to gain self-sufficiency by using agriculture as a vehicle for change. Together we can do more than any one person can on his own. Providing basic needs, tools and education is key to this endeavor.”

With applications from across the U.S., winners are selected based on a number of factors, including career plans in agriculture, desire to return to their family farm to continue the legacy, GPA, test scores, and essays about the future of agriculture, its impact and importance. Since 2012, eight scholarships have been awarded.

To download a scholarship application and for more information about FamilyFarms Charities, please visit www.familyfarmscharities.org.

About FamilyFarms Charities

FamilyFarms Charities, the philanthropic arm of FamilyFarms Group in Brighton, Illinois, includes farmers and professional ag consultants using agriculture as a vehicle to give back. With a strong commitment to provide food and water to the hungry, provide agricultural training and tools to equip for self-sufficiency, help farm families in need, and promote ag education, FamilyFarms Charities has sponsored projects to provide food for disaster victims in North America and overseas, as well as garden projects for an AIDS orphanage in South Africa and for the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center in East St.

Louis. Not content with simply sending money, a team of FamilyFarms Charities volunteers have provided hands-on training and help with the garden projects in South Africa and East St. Louis.