Seth Hoyt
Author of The Hoyt Report, providing hay market analysis and insight.

Prices for Fair quality alfalfa hay in the West are below $100 per ton FOB the stack in many areas, with the exception of Central and Northern California. In some parts of the West, Fair alfalfa hay is selling for $65 to $80 per ton. Delivered prices into Central California dairies on Fair alfalfa hay are still running $100 to $105 per ton lower than Supreme quality. This wide spread started the second half of 2014 and is still much wider than historical levels. While usage of Fair alfalfa hay by dairies has improved due to the lower prices, it is still not at levels seen 10 years ago because of dairies feeding more by-product feeds to dry cows. In some areas of the West, it may take longer for Fair quality alfalfa hay prices to recover because of large supplies in places such as Idaho and Washington.