Like many farmers and University Extension specialists these days, some editors just can’t seem to call it quits. And that’s fortunate for Hay & Forage Grower, whose former editor, Neil Tietz, has agreed to keep his hands on the keyboard as a feature writer for the magazine.

Tietz, editor for 25 years until he handed the reins to Fae Holin last May, officially retires this month.

“That means he can go fishing most of the summer and bow-hunt this fall,” says Holin. “But Neil’s an invaluable source of information and I’m happy he’s agreed to regularly contribute to the magazine.”

Tietz has been writing about agriculture for nearly 40 years, starting his career at Dairy Herd Management, then The Farmer/The Dakota Farmer, and The Corn and Soybean Digest. In 1986 he became the first editor of Hay & Forage Grower.

A new face to the industry, Julia Tagliere, joins the magazine as associate editor.

“Julia is a seasoned writer with a very inquisitive mind,” Holin says. “She has specialized in covering quite a variety of topics: health, science, politics and current events, and we’re excited to have her on our writing team. Her first stories will appear in our August issue.”