Kendall Guither, Walnut, IL, took top honors in the American Forage & Grassland Council Forage Spokesperson Contest at the group’s annual meeting in Memphis, TN, last month.

In the annual contest, speakers from around the country tell of their operations in 15-minute presentations. This year, seven producers vied for the spokesperson title.

Guither described himself as an alfalfa grower passionate about providing dairies with high-quality feed. To do that in the variable climate he lives in, he puts up alfalfa baleage in 3 x 3 x 5.5’ bales on 425 acres.

“I found that the baleage system is an equalizer to Mother Nature,” said Guither, who markets to dairies in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and central and eastern Ohio.

He’s become quite the expert in making quality baleage and is a perennial winner in the baleage division of the World Forage Analysis Superbowl. For tips on his technique, read our story, “From Standby To Mainstay."

Second-place winner of the AFGC contest was Hugh Soape, Troup, TX, who told of his year-round forage production using “thin, heavy-bred cattle to harvest and market his forages.” He owns 426 acres of timber and pastureland.

Third-place finisher was Myron Ellis, Harrodsburg, KY. Ellis Family Farm produces alfalfa to feed 1,500-1,800 feeder cattle each year and to provide premium-quality alfalfa square bales for the horse market.

Watch the presentations on YouTube.

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