This was one of the top two symposiums I have been to in the last several decades. I am aware of the large amount of work it takes to organize and put on a symposium, including presenters and others. The information was quality and the attendees were smart and curious. The group was very friendly and the Ramada did a nice job.

A Wakita, OK, grower said he got enough new information on alfalfa weevils to more than pay for the trip. A dairyman from Clearwater, NE, said he learned a lot about alfalfa, including Roundup Ready, and believes more dairymen should learn more about growing alfalfa. A Canadian attendee came to weigh in on the genetically enhanced patent act and its application to Round- up Ready alfalfa. There were many more contributions by the attendees and the synergy was good.

I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to forage testing, weevil control, and the overarching Roundup Ready alfalfa issue. It is helpful to get the GE (genetically engineered) alfalfa issues out on the table and in front of smart growers. It is our alfalfa industry and livelihood that is at stake. We are responsible and care deeply. GE alfalfa will not work due to substantial unsolvable business and technical issues.

Thank you for putting on one of the best symposiums.

Chuck Noble, South Dakota alfalfa hay and seed grower, 425-747-7092