The John Deere HarvestLab now not only measures dry matter content, but also provides crude protein, starch and fiber near-infrared analysis of corn silage, says Steve Siegel, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group product manager.

Its Constituent Sensing capabilities have been expanded in a partnership with Dairyland Labs, he adds. “With real-time nutrient analysis, producers and nutritionists can more easily and quickly analyze feed rations for crude protein, fiber and other factors and make adjustments on a daily basis to improve nutrition and reduce feed variability.”

The device is used on John Deere self-propelled forage harvesters to monitor corn silage at harvest and can be used as a stationary unit to evaluate silage quality at feeding.

The enhancement also allows more precise application of silage inoculants at harvest because rates can be adjusted according to crop and dry matter readings, Siegel says.

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