As grain harvest and fall fieldwork wrap up, hay-marketing traffic on the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association’s (N.A.M.A.) Web sitehas slowed in recent weeks, reports the group’s executive director, Barb Kinnan.

Of potential buyers visiting the site’s hay-inventory page, Kinnan notes, 72% have been from within the state. That shows how difficult finding hay has been for Nebraska livestock producers in light of the ongoing, statewide drought, she says. The inventory page lists alfalfa, grass, mixed hays, cornstalks and bean stubble bales for sale. Recently, a “ground and delivered” section was added (pictured).

The price range for large squares of alfalfa is $225-325/ton while small squares have been bringing $350/ton and large rounds, $180-250/ton, Kinnan reports. All prices are at the stack and from actual sales reported by N.A.M.A. members.