Jan. 18, 2018 11:48 AM

Legacy of industry leadership in hay harvesting, application and track technology continues in new products designed to solve today’s farming challenges

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AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AGCO) received five 2018 AE50 Awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). This year’s winning products from AGCO include the Hesston by Massey Ferguson® WR9900 self-propelled windrowers, the Hesston by Massey Ferguson 2370 Ultra high density (Ultra HD) baler, the Challenger® RoGator® C Series row crop applicator with exclusive LiquidLogicTM system, the Challenger 700 Series track tractor and the Massey Ferguson® DatatronicTM 5 in-cab control terminal.

“AGCO is honored to be recognized for innovations that help our customers solve real-world farming challenges," says Richard Kohnen, director, tactical marketing for AGCO. “We’re especially proud that these honors are for product lines with tremendous legacies of industry-leading break-throughs such as the first large square baler, the first self-propelled sprayer and the first use of tracks in agriculture. As the needs of farmers change, we will continue to develop state-of-the-art solutions to meet our customers’ challenges in the field.”

Winning products are selected based on their innovation, significant engineering advancement and impact on the market served. The AE50 award program is sponsored by Resource, the membership publication of the ASABE, to emphasize the role of new and redesigned products and systems in bringing advanced technology to the marketplace. The awards will be presented February 13 during ASABE's annual Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference (AETC) in Louisville, Ky.

2018 AGCO AE50 Award Winners

The WR9900 self-propelled windrowers are designed to meet the needs of hay producers and custom forage harvesters seeking increased performance, power and comfort. The Series features the 265-HP model WR9980 which is built to easily cut and condition the most difficult crops, including winter forage, miscanthus and biomass crops. Increased machine power gives operators the flexibility to run disc, auger or draper headers on all models, making the WR9900 Series the most versatile windrowers on the market. An improved hydraulic system delivers 20 percent more available header power on 16-feet disc headers for higher throughput and performance. To make the operator’s job easier, a larger cab provides greater visibility and comfort with 50 percent more air-conditioning power. The WR9900 Series machines also have a more user-friendly operator interface for intuitive monitoring and control. The WR9900 Series is the industry's only windrower to operate all primary functions through a virtual terminal, giving the operator precise control of over the entire windrower to achieve best-in-class efficiency and performance.

The 2370 Ultra HD baler was created from the ground up to meet the needs of large commercial hay growers, operations that export hay and businesses harvesting biomass for the North American biofuels and livestock feed industries. The new baler is the industry's first Class 8 large square baler and is designed to produce heavy, dense bales from light-weight, dry, slick grass and crop residue that can be hard-to-bale. The Model 2370 Ultra HD makes 3’ x 4’ bales with 20 percent greater density than our industry-leading Model 2270XD baler. This is accomplished with a faster, 15 percent heavier, more powerful plunger that operates at 50 strokes per minute. It packs a maximum load capacity of 760 kilonewtons (kN) – 63 percent greater than the 2270XD baler. It offers the throughput and reliability large operations require when harvest windows are small, and tons-harvested-per-day is driving an operation’s profitability.

The technology-loaded, user-friendly RoGator C Series row crop applicator with the LiquidLogic application system delivers innovations needed to meet the complex application processes of today’s professional applicators and farmers. The LiquidLogic system gives operators effective cleanout, precise rates, greater control for on-target application and less product waste. Continuous product recirculation, the CleanFlow air pressure recovery and cleanout system and self-priming booms are key features that improve accuracy plus save time and money. The system also has a “hold at minimum” pressure setting and can maintain a +/-1 PSI variation across the boom for a consistent spray pattern and to keep product on target at low speed.

Designed to meet the needs of results-oriented agribusinesses, the MT700 Series track tractors by Challenger deliver a new level of track tractor performance, ride comfort, operating efficiency and on-board intelligence to maximize uptime, productivity and profitability. The tractor was designed using the AccuEngineeringTM platform and features new styling, as well as a new engine, transmission, undercarriage and hydraulics. A redesign of the industry’s leading MobilTrac™ track system provides ride comfort unparalleled by other track machines. The Series has three models from 380 to 431 HP, powered by AGCO Power™ 9.8L diesel engines equipped with concentric air systems (CAS). All systems, including the hydraulics and PTO are designed to run at lower engine rpm, to lower fuel costs and reduce engine wear.

The Datatronic 5 operating system and in-cab terminal combine all functions needed by a modern tractor, including tractor functionality, implement control, guidance and precision data into a powerful ISOBUS compatible terminal. With a 9-inch touch screen, it’s as easy to use as the latest tablets and smartphones. The system makes automatic steering easy with Auto-Guide™ technology and its straightforward ‘Go Mode’ that operators use to quickly set up and use the system. With the new terminal, users also can choose the level of steering accuracy that suits their operations and employ signals from their preferred supplier. The Datatronic 5 system is found in the Massey Ferguson 8700 Series tractor.

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