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Whether you are a small farm or custom operation that produces large square bales and/or the “bale bundles” for small square bales … the new ProAG 12SR PLUS Stacker is for you. This versatile stacker can go from picking large square bales to the bale bundles within minutes in the field with a few minor adjustments.

The new ProAG 12SR PLUS Stacker will pick and stack the following:

  • 12 (3’ x 3’) dry bales per load
  • 6 (3’ x 4’) dry bales per load
  • 4 (4’ x 4’) dry bales per load
  • 8 Bundle Packs, of 21 small square bales per pack, per load
    - That is 168 small square bales per load

ProAG Engineered by Morris has a long history of well built, easy to operate, fast and reliable machines. One person can get the job done of

2-3 people with less equipment and overall costs.

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