Feb. 21, 2020 09:39 AM
Case IH Speed-Tiller™

Building on robust lineup of soil management solutions, Case IH adds new Ecolo-Til™ 2500 configurations

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With the recent launches of the Speed-Tiller™ high-speed disk and AFS Soil Command™ seedbed sensing technology, and a new configuration for the Ecolo-Til™ 2500, Case IH is continuing its commitment to develop and provide agronomically correct soil management solutions for use in the 2020 season. The Case IH soil management portfolio offers more options to fit a range of operations, effective for both conventional and conservation tillage practices.

Every Case IH soil management tool is designed to promote a healthy soil profile and create the field conditions necessary for greater yields. Ensuring optimum residue management, ideal soil tilth, a smooth field surface and consistent seedbed floor, agronomic performance sets the lineup apart from competitive units.

Case IH Speed-Tiller™
“The last few years in agriculture have showed us how quickly field conditions can change, and producers need durable options that can not only adapt but also continue to perform effectively,” said Chris Lursen, Case IH tillage marketing manager. “With new product offerings and the latest technology, Case IH is re-enforcing its commitment to improving soil conditions — and that commitment begins with creating a high-efficiency seedbed using soil management solutions worthy of our Agronomic Design badge.”

New Ecolo-Til 2500 configuration and options for added durability

Case IH Ecolo-Til™ 2500
Designed to break soil compaction and improve water infiltration and root penetration, the Ecolo‑Til 2500 is now available in a rigid-mounted configuration that performs effective primary tillage in six shanks with 38-inch spacing. Long offered in a compact, convenient folding configuration, the new rigid-mounted option provides an increasingly simple, yet durable, option.

The new rigid-mounted configuration for the Ecolo‑Til 2500 is available with spring reset and shear bolt options designed to address any compaction removal producers need. While a spring reset option is perfect for producers who regularly experience rugged, rocky conditions, the shear bolt option will satisfy growers who need added shank protection under standard field conditions. Additionally, the no-till point on Case IH no-till shanks will feature an extended-wear fin, further improving the life of the shank.

Now available: Speed-Tiller™ high-speed disk

Designed to create a high-efficiency, agronomically correct seedbed that ensures plants thrive, the Speed-Tiller™ high-speed disk is now available for producers to incorporate into their soil management practices for use in late spring and fall of the 2020 season. Able to withstand the harshest soil conditions, the Speed-Tiller is a true dual-season tool for fall and spring seedbed preparation. With the ability to make quick, simple adjustments, and operate effectively at speeds higher than conventional disks and under a wider range of conditions, the tillage tool ensures a smooth surface and seedbed floor, cementing its place as the only agronomically correct high-speed disk on the market.

“The Speed-Tiller high-speed disk is an easy-to-operate option, and a perfect fit for operations with less-experienced operators,” Lursen said. “Gone are the days of sacrificing agronomics as productivity levels are pushed higher. Now, producers can perform fall and spring tillage efficiently under a wider range of conditions, and they can rest easy knowing it’s been done correctly.”

Seedbed sensing technology

AFS Soil Command™ seedbed sensing technology
Producers are now using the new AFS Soil Command™ seedbed sensing technology to put finishing touches on their high-efficiency seedbeds. AFS Soil Command is designed to measure and optimize the agronomic quality of the seedbed, without the producer ever having to leave the tractor cab. Rounding out the soil management lineup, the feature will be available for order from any Case IH dealer on the Tiger-Mate™ 255 field cultivator in spring 2021.

In many fields, the seedbed floor is not even — it can be gouged and rough from maladjusted tillage tools, inexperienced operators or a set-it-and-forget-it mentality during spring tillage operations — and it’s hidden from view. These imperfections can cause the planter row unit to bounce, causing uneven seed placement or skips, and lower planter productivity overall. Inconsistent seed spacing and depth can lead to nonuniform emergence and limit yield potential.

Now, with AFS Soil Command seedbed sensing technology, producers can get real-time insights from below the soil surface and perform timely yield-enhancing adjustments that minimize planter row unit bounce.

Factory-integrated seedbed sensors are strategically mounted to shank assemblies throughout the machine, providing real-time feedback on seedbed quality. Based on proven Agronomic Design™ principles, these rugged sensors monitor each time the shank begins to trip or float, alerting the operator to an uneven seedbed floor. AFS Soil Command seedbed sensing is designed to identify any problem areas with the Tiger-Mate 255 field cultivator and give operators the knowledge something is wrong and to make adjustments before and tools to address them.

“AFS Soil Command delivers a high-tech option for producers who want to take their high-efficiency seedbed to the next level,” Lursen said. “The seedbed sets the planter speed limit. Case IH seedbed sensing technology gives producers the ability to see below the field surface and delivers the tools needed to create a high-efficiency seedbed and ensure maximum yield.”

For more information, visit your local Case IH dealer or www.caseih.com.

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