Sept. 24, 2021 08:53 AM

Giveaway winners receive free trials of Rejuvra® or Invora® herbicides, helping restore rangelands long term for stronger returns on cattle

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To help ranchers transform invasive grasses and brush into high-quality forage, the Range and Pasture business of Bayer offered a giveaway of nearly 900 acres of Rejuvra and approximately $5,000 worth of Invora. Seven lucky ranchers in the West won more than 125 acres’ worth of Rejuvra and one rancher in the Southwest won approximately $5,000 worth of Invora. These groundbreaking herbicides from Bayer are proven to reduce costs and grow business for the long haul.

“The Bayer Range and Pasture business is committed to helping ranchers across the country transform their rangelands for the long haul,” said Kevin Adam, head of Bayer Vegetation Management. “Rejuvra and Invora are long-term solutions unlike any other products on the market, and we are thrilled to share them with these ranchers. We are confident more ranchers will try Rejuvra and Invora as they see their effectiveness continue throughout the community.”

Rejuvra herbicide stops cheatgrass before it emerges, resulting in more desirable forage, improved livestock performance and a better bottom line for ranchers. One application offers up to four years of protection. Any rancher in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington or Wyoming could enter the giveaway. The lucky winners of more than 125 acres’ worth of Rejuvra are:

Josh Donald of Montana

Jerry Hoagland of Idaho

Thomas Keith of Montana

Toni Meacham of Washington

Harold Peterson of Wyoming

Anne White of Colorado

Dave Wieland of Wyoming

Invora provides effective, long-term control of honey mesquite and huisache in the Southwest. One application treats undesirable brush for more than eight years, resulting in healthier and more productive rangeland. Any rancher in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma or Texas could enter the giveaway. The lucky winner of approximately $5,000 worth of Invora is Jody Brett from Texas.

“The entire Bayer Range and Pasture business congratulates these winners and thanks everyone who entered,” said Adam. “We look forward to seeing more ranchers achieve healthier, more productive rangelands long term.”

For more information about Rejuvra herbicide or to receive a customized treatment program, visit Ranchers in the Southwest can visit to learn more and receive a customized treatment program.