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AGCO Corporation (NYSE: AGCO), a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, introduces the Massey Ferguson® VE Series planters. This full line of planters — from rigid and folding-frame planters to narrow transport and track planters — offers growers straightforward, dependable, durable planters that deliver consistent, accurate seed placement for optimum yields.

“The VE Series planters continue a long tradition of delivering accurate planting with minimal downtime, wear or required maintenance,” says Arthur Santos, marketing manager for seeding and tillage at AGCO. “These are the latest in the evolution of planting solutions from AGCO, and they feature a redesigned, more durable row unit plus the opportunity to add many Precision Planting® technologies right at the factory. These planters are designed to ensure that growers are planting at the proper depth with the right spacing, singulation and downforce for maximizing yield, no matter the crop.”

Previous planter offerings from White Planters® will be available within the Massey Ferguson VE Series.

The wide range of tool bar choices, widths and planting accessories from White Planters will be available within the Massey Ferguson VE Series, Santos adds. The planter line offers solutions for all growers — from conventional tillage to no-till operations to those who demand the latest technologies that allow for variable-rate, high-speed planting and individual row control. The VE Series is available in a variety of row-unit and spacing combinations, including six, eight, 12, 16, 23, 24 and 36 rows and spacings of 15, 20, 22, 30, 36, 38 and 40 inches.

New row unit enhances accuracy and longevity

Built upon the proven design of White Planters row units, the VE Series Heads Up™ row unit pairs easily with the most advanced Precision Planting tools and technology available today. Several design changes ensure the longevity and performance of the row unit itself and make planter setup and maintenance easier and more convenient.

What is likely to become the most appreciated change to the row unit is the redesign of the seed tube guard mount. Two guards are available: a standard assembly cast of nickel material and an extended-wear guard assembly made of stainless and tungsten, which is recommended for high-speed planting with SpeedTube®.

“With the redesigned mount, farmers can remove or install the guards into fully assembled row units,” Santos says. “It’s no longer necessary to remove the gauge wheels and opener blades to perform maintenance on the guard, so it’s a huge time saver.”

The redesigned shank casting now features an access hole that makes it easier to plumb lines for liquid fertilizer. The hole is ahead of the seed tube, improving overall routing for the lines while also protecting them from the opener disc blades.

Many row-unit components have received the “heavy duty” treatment to further increase the unit’s overall durability. Several castings are thicker, and bushings are larger and more robust. These enhancements improve the service life of the unit and decrease the need for maintenance.

Planter design is geared toward precision

With the combination of White Planters’ legacy of dependable and straightforward design and the latest technologies from Precision Planting, the VE Series assures growers a 99% or greater accuracy in seed placement while managing every row unit individually in real time.

“Many VE Series planter models come from the factory with Precision Planting products — including vSet2® meters, vDrive® electronic drive, DeltaForce® and the 20|20® Gen3 monitor — already installed,” Santos says. “Plug-and-play aftermarket options such as SmartFirmer® seed-firmer sensor, FlowSense® and FurrowForce™ can be added by a Precision Planting dealer on all planters.”

Other options and attachments, including several single- and double-disc fertilizer openers, coulters, residue managers, press wheels and blades, also are available.

The VE Series planters are available with individual 3-bushel row-unit hoppers or a 90-bushel central-fill system. Depending on the model, 300-, 500- and 750-gallon liquid fertilizer tanks are available, as are dry fertilizer and insecticide delivery. For extra-large capacity, the VE Series planter is available in a track version with 150-bushel central-fill capacity and two 750-gallon liquid fertilizer tanks.

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