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New self-propelled windrower helps cut haying time with the fastest speeds in the industry

Case IH is introducing the WD5 series windrowers to its lineup of self-propelled harvesting equipment. These new models offer more consistent drydown and the fastest speeds in the industry, making them the most productive and efficient hay-harvesting solution on the market.

WD5 series windrowers were engineered to help growers take on harvest windows with faster, more consistent drydown. With transport speeds up to 30 mph, operators can travel efficiently from farm to field. Haying time and costs are also cut with field speeds up to 20 mph.

“Producers are looking for reliable harvesting equipment that consistently saves time without sacrificing quality,” said Brian Spencer, Case IH hay and forage equipment marketing manager. “The WD5 series windrower does just that by allowing farmers to cover more acres per hour and harvest more high-quality hay in a day. With faster transport and field speeds, farmers can save valuable time and make the most of each harvest window.”

RD5 series windrower headers set the benchmark with cut quality conditioning, windrow formation to go along with the fastest cutting speeds in the industry. To further increase efficiency and maximize return on investment, the triple-windrow attachment saves time, fuel and labor by combining up to three windrows.

Comfortable cab environment with exceptional operator control

To provide a premium operator experience and enhance productivity, WD5 series windrowers are designed with a quiet, comfortable cab environment, while an independent air-assisted rear-axle suspension provides a smoother ride. Plus, a tuned cab suspension means better fore/aft stabilization and ride cushioning. Designed to excel through hilly areas, a robust drivetrain design produces over 11,000 foot-pounds of torque, while a four-link rear suspension provide greater stability and reduce the need for added ballast.

The Case IH SurroundVision cab is packed with productivity-boosting features, including larger, easy-entry steps, a leather ventilated seat, and additional window tinting for a cool and comfortable workday. Designed to function and feel similar to the Axial-Flow® combine, the WD5 series windrower includes the MultiFunction Handle, which helps simplify operation.

“When our team was designing and engineering the new WD5 series windrower, one of our top priorities was to deliver a smooth ride and help make those long days in the field feel shorter,” Spencer said. “From the moment operators step in the cab, they’ll notice and appreciate the quiet atmosphere and luxury features we’ve incorporated to help them be more productive.”

Integrated technology to achieve ultimate efficiency

For enhanced straight-line tracking, a redesigned precision ground drive system monitors wheel speed differences and self-compensates by adjusting wheel speeds. A drive-by-wire ground propulsion and steering system help make road transport and field work simple.

Every model is guidance-ready to provide cutting accuracy within 1½ inches, so technology is seamlessly integrated into the cab experience, along with the intuitive Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 700 display. Case IH guidance solutions help virtually eliminate pass-to-pass overlap, even at field speeds up to 20 mph. An automated headland management feature controls ground speed, header lift and merger lift to make every headland turn effortless and accurate.

WD5 series windrowers are now available to order. For more information, contact your local Case IH dealer or visit