Not a lot of hay is being sold in central North Dakota right now, according to organic hay grower Kevin Falk of Tappen.

“Supreme organic alfalfa is priced at $165/ton right now, if there was anybody buying it,” he reports. “We aren’t seeing too much being sold. Last year at this time we saw some hay going out of here, but not this year.”

Unrelenting rains have been a detriment.

“Long story short, it’s been awful tough to put hay up, and the feed value is down this year,” he says. “We had one dry spell, but now it’s pretty wet. You can’t hardly do anything. The crop is ready to come off and we can’t even cut that yet.”

If difficult conditions continue, Falk predicts that prices for high-quality hay will rise in the months ahead, and prices for mediocre hay will likely remain flat.

He harvests large square bales from 950 irrigated acres of alfalfa.

“We started with round bales and then we turned to squares,” Falk notes. “We bought our first big square baler in 2005.” 

He markets much of his organic hay to dairies in the northeastern U.S through an Organic Valley Co-op producer pool.

To contact Falk, call 701-327-8290 or email

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