Being able to quickly estimate how much forage is in a pasture, and predict how much will be there in the future, is a big benefit to producers. Especially with tight forage supplies.

This list includes resources on how to quickly estimate forage mass using handheld tools, tips for using those tools, and information on managing pastures.

Using Pasture Measurement to Improve Your Management

Principles of Management-Intensive Grazing

Stocking Rate and Grazing Management

Managing Pasture as a Crop

Pastures For Profit: A Guide To Rotational Grazing

A Photo Gallery of Legume Content in Pastures

Estimating Pasture Forage Mass From Pasture Height

Decision Support Tools for the 3 Ms of Grazing Management

A Falling Plate Meter For Estimating Pasture Forage Mass

Using A Grazing Stick For Pasture Management