A few standout farmers and ranchers proud of what they do and eager to share their stories will be selected in a competition just announced by a newly formed coalition of farm organizations.

The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) says its Faces of Farming and Ranching contest will “help put a real face on agriculture and shine a light on the heart, personalities and values that are behind today’s food.”

“USFRA has started a movement to bring more farmers and ranchers together to answer people’s questions about how their food is grown and raised,” says Bob Stallman, USFRA chairman and American Farm Bureau Federation president. “We need to find the best people to be part of these conversations and represent the real farmers and ranchers of America.”

Entries will be accepted through Sept. 8, then 10-15 finalists will be announced in November. Winners will be announced in January 2013 following a public online voting period. They’ll each receive a $10,000 stipend and a $5,000 donation to their preferred ag-related or local charity in their names.

Entrants will be required to submit an online application and include a home video of less than three minutes that describes themselves and their farms or ranches. More details are available at www.fooddialogues.com/.