Agco Advanced Giant Spools of baler twine increase running time by as much as 38% compared to standard spool sizes and reduce time spent loading twine, according to Agco.

Available to the North American market next harvest season, the spools feature Ultra Grip technology, a combination of Agco Parts’ strongest twine and a polypropylene mixture. It reduces slippage and forms a firm, powerful knot with 80% more grip at the knot than regular twine, enabling hay producers to create bales that are 15-20% more dense than typical bales, company officials say.

Giant Spools also offer UV stabilization to reduce light degradation.

The spools are designed to fit only the new generation of Massey Ferguson and Challenger large square balers. They will be available in three sizes: 6000/350 – 6,000’ long with 350-lb tensile strength, 5500/400 – 5,500’ long with 400-lb tensile strength and 5000/450 – 5,000’ long with 450-lb tensile strength.

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