AGCO Corporation will introduce the new Hesston by Massey Ferguson 1 Series round baler at this year’s Farm Progress Show beginning on August 29 in Decatur, Ill. The series was explicitly designed to perform in challenging dry hay, stover, and crop residue conditions.

“From our 2900 Series, this baler is a clean sheet,” said Dane Mosel, tactical marketing manager for Hesston by Massey Ferguson. “I don’t believe there are any part numbers that we kept,” he commented during a conversation with Hay & Forage Grower at the company’s Hesston, Kan., manufacturing plant.

The Hesston 1 Series round baler is available in two variable-chamber models: the RB.146, which produces up to 4-by-6-foot round bales, and the RB.156, for up to 5-by-6-foot bales.

Both balers in the new series come standard with a camless pickup for improved efficiency. It reduces the power requirement to just 80 horsepower (HP) for the RB.146 and 100 HP for the larger RB.156. The lack of a cam track helps minimize maintenance and noise, according to Mosel.

Easy net loading

The Hesston 1 Series round baler’s front-mounted net binding system allows for tighter, faster binding without any visibility trade-off for viewing the pickup. The baler features a duckbill-style net system. This mechanically moves net from the roll to the bale, eliminating environmental obstructions, while the net-braking design allows for easy one-handed adjustment without tools, ensuring the desired net tension.

An innovative, side-mounted net roll loading rack pivots out at approximately tailgate height, which minimizes lifting and positioning challenges. “An optional second rack on the opposite side makes it possible to store up to three rolls of net on the baler, including the one in the operating position; it’s a really simple, straight-forward net system,” Mosel said.

For hay producers who prefer twine-wrapped bales, the Hesston Series 1 balers can be purchased with a field-installed twine-kit option.

With 5/8-inch hydraulic hoses running to the tailgate, the cycle time in auto mode for wrapping, ejecting, and closing the tailgate is in range of 13 to 15 seconds, according to Mosel.

An optional hydraulically operated, rear-facing drop floor allows haymakers to clear obstructions without leaving the tractor. “An advantage to a rear-facing drop floor is that it will allow a plug to flow through much easier than a front-facing drop floor,” Mosel said.

Hesston engineers designed the Hesston 1 Series round baler to excel under tough baling conditions. Heavy-duty components include:

  • Triple-lip sealed bearings, which keep out dust and debris.
  • Heavy-wall, aggressive rollers with welded cleats extend service life.
  • Debris shields and cast roller flares prevent material buildup and protect vulnerable bearings.

The 1 Series utilizes high-quality systems proven to reduce unnecessary downtime. For example, the maintenance-free elastomeric tension and toothless idlers minimize wear on its diamond roller chains. Moving parts are minimized throughout the new baler for low maintenance and a user-friendly operator experience.

Makes dense bales

The 1 Series baler employs a vertical, bottom-feed chamber that uses gravity to boost bale density without additional parts or power. It also features a positively engaging undershot rotor for improved efficiency. “If you can get it in the pickup, it’s going to feed,” Mosel said. “We have yet to find anything it can’t bale, including peanut hay, heavy sudangrass and sorghum, cornstalks, or rotary straw.”

Cross-platform commonality allows for easy integration into any operation. This includes tractor implement management (TIM) capabilities, which allows the baler to stop the tractor and completely cycle the bale without operator input. It also makes way for bale weight and moisture sensor integration into the system and is ISOBUS 11783 compatible.

For more information on the Hesston 1 Series round baler, scan the QR code. Farm Progress Show attendees can also stop by the AGCO booth on August 29 through 31 to see the new baler in person. Preorders are currently being accepted.