Retro Tractor

New Holland's Boomer 8N compact tractor is an updated version of the 8N first sold in 1948. It can load mulch, mow lawn, clear pasture or dig a trench. Key features include a Continuously Variable Transmission; smooth speed progressions; a 50-hp, four-cylinder, naturally aspirated diesel engine with large cubic-inch displacement; a 2,800-lb three-point lift capacity; and a four-wheel-drive axle.

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Disc Mower Caddy

The DC1000 Disc Mower Caddy attachment from Frontier Equipment lets anyone with a small cab tractor and three-point-hitch lift capacity carry a disc mower. Just drop a hitch pin into the caddy, connect the hydraulic hoses and mow. With the attachment, growers can make sharp turns in small, irregular-shaped fields.

Its adjustable clevis tongue helps match the implement to the tractor drawbar height. The hydraulic-lift three-point hitch is standard equipment and includes a cylinder, hoses and tips that make raising and lowering disc mowers more convenient.

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Big Tractors

Challenger's most powerful row-crop tractors, the MT600C Series, includes four models with maximum gross horsepower ranging from 270 to 350.

They feature 8.4-liter engines and TechStar CVT transmissions, providing infinitely variable-forward-speed variations up to 32 mph. A Power Management feature, activated from the cab, automatically coordinates engine speed with the transmission, enabling the tractor to operate more efficiently.

The four-post Pinnacle View cab is surrounded by 67 sq ft of glass for a 360-degree view, and the tractors' sculpted chassis was developed to withstand enormous stresses and loads. A bigger rear linkage system is built with larger hydraulic cylinders and stronger arms to lift up to 22,760 lbs at 24” from the link ends.

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