U.S. hay prices backed off slightly in June compared to May prices, according to USDA’s latest Agricultural Prices report.

The average all-hay price during the month was $199/ton, down $4/ton from May’s average. But that is still $16/ton higher than reported in June 2012. Alfalfa average prices also dropped in June – to $220/ton, which is $1/ton lower than recorded in May. In June 2012, the average price was $201/ton.

Alfalfa prices were highest in the Upper Midwest. In Iowa, the average price was $280/ton, up $5/ton compared to May’s average and $138/ton higher than in June 2012. The average June price in neighboring Wisconsin was $275/ton, unchanged from the May price but $140/ton higher than reported a year ago.

Michigan saw the sharpest month-to-month drop in alfalfa prices. At $210/ton, the June price was down $40/ton from May’s average.

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