A new 24-page guide is intended to build a better understanding of soil salinity and its impact on alfalfa.

Alfalfa Management For Saline Soils presents management practices that growers can use to prevent, measure and reduce germination and yield losses from soil salinity. A section also covers salinity breeding and genetic improvement. It’s published by Producer’s Choice, a featured brand of the newly formed Alforex Seeds.

The lead author is Don Miller, the company’s product development director, a long-time advocate for improved alfalfa varieties and on-farm practices to manage salinity. Other Alforex Seeds researchers also contributed.

The publication points out that the effects of salinity usually are negligible at first. But left unchecked, the problem will worsen and eventually cause severe economic losses. It impacts millions of acres in several states, led by North Dakota with 9.4 million affected acres and South Dakota with 9.1 million. California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Texas and Utah also are among the most-impacted states.

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