Alfalfa second cutting is under way in parts of Oklahoma, and recent rains have helped some regions of the state, Carson says.

“We’ve had some rainfall up in northern Oklahoma, but we're still way behind.” Some producers had second cuttings rained on last week.

Typically, Oklahoma hay farmers can expect four cuttings of alfalfa in a season. If they’re lucky, they get five.

“If it doesn’t rain more, this year it’s probably going to be three,” he says. “Supplies of all hay are going to be tight, I believe.”

According to Carson's May 29 hay market report, large square bales of supreme-quality alfalfa out of the field in central Oklahoma run from $250 to $260/ton. Premium-quality large squares range from $235 to $250/ton.

In eastern Oklahoma, large squares of premium-quality new-crop alfalfa are selling for $240-250/ton; small squares, $10-12/bale.

In the western part of the state, large square bales of premium-quality alfalfa run between $235 and $250/ton, with large round bales bringing $225-$230/ton.

The report also indicated that a good deal of wheat hay was baled throughout Oklahoma with variable quality and below-average yield. Demand for wheat hay has been strong, he says, with prices between $100 and $125/ton for good quality, depending on the region.

Grass hay demand increased as rains lagged, he adds. Old-crop bermudagrass is priced between $30 and $45 for 4 x 5’ bales in the central part of the state. Good-quality, new-crop mixed-grass hay, in 4 x 5’ bales, is selling for $35-40 in eastern Oklahoma.

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