It’s been “a difficult year” for alfalfa growers throughout Nebraska, says Barb Kinnan, executive director for the Nebraska Alfalfa Marketing Association (N.A.M.A.).

“The eastern half of the state, for the most part, has received good rainfall. Yields would be good if they could just get the hay put up. They haven’t had really good curing conditions.”

The rest of the state has been extremely dry for most of the summer. “Yields have been way off. They did catch some rain in some areas in late July and early August, but it’s still a little early to tell if it was enough to do any good.”

Kinnan noticed, at her office, a decline in requests for hay in the state through much of the summer. But they’ve started to pick up in recent weeks. “We want people to know there is hay out here. It’s just a little early yet to get an idea of what inventories will be looking like. There has been some good dairy hay put up, but there’s also a lot of lower-grade hay.”

As of early August, N.A.M.A. members were reporting that dairy-quality alfalfa in large square bales was bringing $250-290/ton at the stack. Large round bales of alfalfa were selling for $170-200/ton; large squares of heifer-quality alfalfa hay were bringing $180-240/ton. Large rounds of grass hay were fetching $170-200/ton.

For a listing of current hay-for-sale offerings by association members, check out the N.A.M.A. website. At the  “product inventory” menu, choose which category you’re interested in. Kinnan can be contacted at 800-743-1649 or

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