Dennis Hancock

Extension forage specialist,
University of Georgia

Dennis Hancock graduated from the University of Kentucky with a doctorate in crop science and a masters in plant and soil science after obtaining a bachelor's degree in agriculture from Berea College. Here are his thoughts as University of Georgia Extension forage specialist:

"My mission is to effect a true change in the efficiency of forage production and utilization in Georgia and beyond. By emphasizing the integrated use of proven methods and technologies, I will help our forage producers to improve yields, stand persistence, and input use efficiency, decrease the threat to our environment, and increase profitability. My approach will be to share my knowledge and findings from applied research, in concert with the work of colleagues in this and other disciplines."

Bermudagrass Stem Maggot Is Here To Stay
Forage specialists have learned a lot about the bermudagrass stem maggot since it first invaded the South in 2010.
What New Zealand’s Pasture-Based Agriculture Is Like
Pasture-based agriculture in New Zealand is a little different from what U.S. graziers have experience in.
Is Your Hay At A Safe Moisture Content?
Hay baled at too high a moisture content is a fire hazard.
Soil Organic Matter Is Pastures’ Temperature Gauge 1
We can all appreciate, on cold winter mornings, how an old truck’s temperature gauge rises and helps its engine smooth out and run at peak efficiency. It works much the same when there’s enough organic matter in a pasture’s soil. Soil organic matter, functioning as a kind of gauge, can even out a pasture’s soil performance and ensure that it functions at peak efficiency.
The Best Reason To Invest In A Good Water System
“What was the best investment you’ve ever made in your grazing system?” Ask experienced graziers that question and there’s a good chance their answers will have to do with their livestock water systems. But what are their reasons?
The Root Issue Of Drought Tolerance
A crop’s rooting depth is a major factor influencing its water-use efficiency.
Getting The Most Out Of Your Hay
When helping forage growers, we typically talk about how to make the most hay or get the most for it. After a substantial dip in hay acres and one of the worst seasons on record, many livestock farms and ranches need tips on how to get the most out of their hay
Products Provide Urea Without The Loss, Expert Says
Our most effective nitrogen (N) fertilizer, ammonium nitrate, has become extremely hard to find in most areas. It’s been used to make explosives and could soon come under federal regulation, requiring too much paperwork for dealers to want to stock the product.

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