Neil Tietz

Editor Emeritus, Hay & Forage Grower

Neil Tietz has more than 40 years of experience in agricultural journalism, including work on The Farmer/The Dakota Farmer magazine, Dairy Herd Management, The Corn and Soybean Digest and Hay & Forage Grower. Neil has also served on an advisory committee to the University of Minnesota Department of Animal Science, and received the Minnesota Forage and Grassland Council Outstanding Service Award. Neil holds a degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and is regarded as one of the best copy editors in the farm publishing business.

Tillering BMR Corn Can Substitute For Silage
Silage made from a tillering brown midrib forage corn can replace conventional corn silage in dairy rations.
Flexibility Fuels Roundup Ready Alfalfa Gains
Many growers plant Roundup Ready alfalfa because of its weed-control flexibility.
Roundup Ready Alfalfa Foe Still Active
The Center for Food Safety is still battling the use of Roundup Ready alfalfa.
Prime Weather, Management Yield Champion Corn Silage 1
Johnson Farms LLC had nearly ideal weather in 2013 to grow its World Forage Analysis Superbowl champion corn silage.
New Forage Test Pinpoints Fiber Digestibility
A new forage test that measures how much forage a cow can digest will help producers and nutritionists maximize dry matter intake and milk production.
Preservative Cuts Losses In Big Square Bales
Applying propionic acid to not-dry-enough hay when making big square bales can save valuable nutrients.
Silage Corn And Soybeans: Striking A Balance
Planting soybeans with silage corn has reduced one grower's fertilizer and pesticide costs.
Sugarbeets Work In Salty Soils, Offer Producers A New Crop 
Sugarbeets grow well in saline soils and have good potential as feed for dairy and beef cattle.
How To Cut Silage Losses, Air Pollution
Lower silage loss and combat air pollution by minimizing the time silage is exposed to air during feedout.
Wisconsin Legislators Tackle Road-Use Law
A new law governing the operation of farm equipment on public roads was moving toward final approval by the Wisconsin State Legislature early this month.
Hay Bale Converters Unroll More Profit
David Goolsby is using a bale converter to turn stored Bermudagrass round bales into small squares as orders come in.
Get Terrific Tonnage From Soybean Hay
One cutting of soybean hay can yield as much tonnage as alfalfa cut four times.
Don’t Eyeball Bale Weights
Farmers need to know how much their round bales weigh to accurately feed and buy or sell them.
Corn-Soybean Silage May Cut Feed Costs
Silage made from a corn-soybean combination could benefit dairy and beef producers.
Make On-Farm Fuel With Mobile Pelletizer
A mobile pelletizer, possibly the first of its kind in the U.S., turns low-quality hay into grass pellets to use as fuel.

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