The latest tips and techniques in forage harvesting will be featured at an upcoming field day sponsored by Ohio State University (OSU) Extension. The event is slated for June 19 and will be held at OSU’s Eastern Agricultural Research Station in Caldwell.

Raking, baling and mowing demonstrations, along with exhibits of forage-handling machinery, will be offered.

“The field day is an opportunity for growers and producers to get a different perspective on how to be more efficient and productive and how to get the best use out of equipment,” says Breanna Pye, an OSU Extension educator. “They’ll also get to see firsthand how some of the new equipment works, which can help those who may be using outdated equipment or practices learn a new or alternative way to save money.”

The field day is free and a light meal will be provided. For more information, contact Pye at 740-732-5681 or