Several breeding companies are developing or have developed salt-tolerant alfalfas. Montana’s Jane Holzer and Paul Johnson utilize TS4002 alfalfa and AC Saltlander wheatgrass, both from Cal/West-Producer’s Choice.

Dairyland Seed has Arapaho, a salt-tolerant alfalfa around for more than six years. Mike Velde, the company’s alfalfa breeder, is testing plant selections in very saline soils in the Dakotas. “I am working on a branch-rooted and a rhizomatous crown version,” he says.

S&W Seed just released its first fall dormancy 8 salt-tolerant alfalfa, called SW 8421S, developed for areas in California, Arizona and Latin America.

Forage Genetics holds several salt-tolerant alfalfas sold by America’s Alfalfa and WL Research.