The U.S.Environmental Protection Agency has granted federal registration approval for DuPont’s Pastora herbicide for selective control of broadleaf and grass weeds in bermudagrass pastures and hayfields. It can be applied postemergence with no grazing restrictions.

“Weeds are responsible for significant reductions in hay-crop quality and profitability, as well as long-term negative effects on livestock that graze bermudagrass pastures,” says John Chrosniak, North American regional director of DuPont Crop Protection. “Pastora will help clear problem weeds for visibly cleaner bermudagrass, better grass and hay quality, and, ultimately, better protection of bottom-line profits.”

The grasses controlled include field sandbur and johnsongrass, and labeled broadleaves include common broomweed, buttercup and musk thistle. In field trials, Pastora controlled more than 25 grasses and 100 broadleaves, says Chrosniak.