U.S. all-hay and alfalfa prices remained fairly flat in October compared to the previous month’s averages, according to a USDA Agricultural Prices report released last week.

At $177/ton, the all-hay price for the month was up just $1/ton from that of September, but $14/ton lower than the October 2012 price. The national alfalfa-hay price dropped by $1/ton – to $193 – from September to October. A year earlier, the average alfalfa price was $212.

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New Mexico reported the highest October alfalfa hay price at $250/ton, up $4 from its September average. In Colorado, the average price for alfalfa was $238/ton, up $3 from the previous month’s average.

North Dakota had the lowest average alfalfa-hay price at $108/ton, down $10 from the September average and down $33 from the October 2012 average price. In South Dakota, which suffered from an unexpected, devastating snowstorm early in October, the alfalfa hay price increased by $31 to $166/ton from the September average. A year ago, the average alfalfa price in the state was $234/ton.

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