U.S. hay prices leveled off in November, according to USDA’s monthly Agricultural Prices report issued Nov. 30.

The $193/ton average all-hay price received by farmers last month was unchanged from the October price. Last year, the average all-hay price in November was $174/ton. The preliminary November average alfalfa price, at $215/ton, was up just $3/ton from October’s and $22/ton higher than the November 2011 average.

Compared to October’s alfalfa prices, last month’s average price maintained or increased in 21 of the 27 reporting states. Ohio registered the highest alfalfa price, $279/ton, up $23/ton from October’s. In neighboring Michigan, the average alfalfa price was $240/ton, jumping $40/ton compared to the October price. The average price in Pennsylvania rose to $221/ton, an increase of $41/ton from the previous month’s average.

North Dakota reported the lowest average price – $140/ton – down $1/ton from the previous month’s, but $67/ton higher than the price reported in November 2011.