Hay prices have remained consistent through the winter months at the two weekly hay sales conducted by Markley’s Triple M Auctions, Inc., in northern Indiana.

“The market has been holding well,” says Triple M owner and auctioneer Brent Markley. “We had good production in the area last year, so there appears to be a pretty good supply of hay available. Demand has been good for all kinds of hay.”

Throughout most of the winter, large squares of dairy-quality alfalfa brought an average of $275-295/ton, with occasional sales in the $300-350/ton range. “A year ago, we were holding closer to $350/ton on average just because there wasn’t that much hay out there,” says Markley.

Demand also held up for small squares of alfalfa and grass hay. Alfalfa brought close to $300/ton, while grass fetched $240-250/ton. In both cases, prices were down about $20-30/ton from those of a year ago.

Large rounds of grass hay weighing 800-850 lbs each brought an average of $180-190/ton. “That’s about what we were seeing last year at this time.”

Markley expects the market to hold steady over the next several months. “We’ve had a pretty tough winter so far, and it looks like it might be hanging on a little longer than what we’re used to. That should keep demand strong.”

Triple M’s Napannee Hay Auction is held in Foraker on Thursdays throughout the year. The Wakarusa Hay Auction, also year-round, takes place in Wakarusa on Fridays. Starting time at both locations is 10 a.m.

For more information, contact Markley at 574-952-6572 or brent.markley@gmail.com.